Junior and Christine E.

Our son, Matthew, has attended classes taught by Nalyne since July of 2010, at Beyond Brush. From the very first class, we were quite impressed and surprised at the result of Matthew’s art pieces. One, in particular, hangs proudly framed in my parent’s home. It is of a panda and bamboo painted in water color using Japanese art technique, one of the many techniques Nalyne teaches her students. I thought to myself, “Wow. It’s awesome.” And, then I thought, “Wow. How’d he learn to do that in just one class?” Also, our son is very particular of his teachers and when he came home the first day after meeting Nalyne, he said he liked her a lot because she is not a push over of a teacher and she was serious about her work.

He felt like he would really learn from her. Since then, he has come home with more beautiful pieces which we’ve also framed, vibrant colors and texture. On a personal level, Matthew enjoys Nalyne’s funny stories and the time Nalyne takes to teach them about art and art history. He is even more passionate about his art than when he first started with Nalyne and he has grown in his abilities. And, our family is very thankful for that, including Matthew’s grandparents.

We also joined Nalyne with many other students and parents on a special tour presented by Nalyne at the DeYoung Museum when the post-impressionist masterpieces from the Musee D’Orsay were on exhibit. And, Nalyne has also put together additional events (ex., parties) for the students and their families as well. If you want your child to gain a wealth of knowledge and technical skills, Nalyne and her studio is the place to be. And, an added bonus is that we, as parents, have grown in our knowledge of Art too.

R. S. (Parent)

Our older daughter has been attending the school for a while now (3rd semester). She is very happy, enjoys the school curriculum and the teacher very much. She likes to draw and when my wife found this local school here in Pleasanton, I did not expect very much. I was positively surprised by Nalyne Gunggavakin’s excellent professional education and such a well organized and equipped studio. She invested a lot of her time to provide the best possible environment for kids, to learn and develop their natural talents.

If you are a parent and would like just to drop a kid few times for some drawing lessons – that is probably not the best place for you. But if you think about art seriously and are able to accept that it needs some hard work and learning before the results will be great – that is the place! The teacher is very dedicated but also expects full commitment from the student – what makes perfect sense to me. Kids learn how to sculpt, draw and paint using the techniques real painters use. I’m so glad that we have the luxury to have such a valuable activity just around the corner. Nalyne Gunggavakin also reserves ahead of time, places around the bay area to present the work of her students to the public – another complementary feature I was not aware of, until I got invited to Fremont library to enjoy my daughters painting displayed there.

Katie N.

Nalyne Gunggavakin taught art at my learning center before she founded Beyond Brush Art Studio. Nalyne came with a wealth of knowledge in art and art history. Her classes were never dull. She always came prepared teaching art using a variety of techniques that would cover a wide range of art periods from the Cro-Magnon to the Contemporary Art eras.

Nalyne’s strong passion in art and pursuit of founding a top quality art school for the interested individuals made her work diligently in developing her fine art skills and transfer her knowledge to her students to the best of her abilities. She incorporated humor in her teaching especially with young students. Her students grasped the art concepts and techniques quite well in a relatively short period of time. My son who was one of her students mastered the color blending techniques which was not an easy task. Painting using minimal palette was another skill he learned from Nalyne Gunggavakin. If your child or yourself has the intention in mastering the fine art, Nalyne Gunggavakin is the one of the hard-to-find experts in the field who would go an extra mile to help your child or you how to look in the artist’s lens.

Jennifer C. (Parent)

My son, Sean, has attended art classes at Beyond Brush Art Studio since Oct. last year. I called Nalyne over the phone and scheduled an appointment with her to visit the studio the same day. The studio is big and bright with wonderful artwork from the students. At first I was a bit hesitant since my son just turned 5 and I was not sure if he was able to pay attention to instructions and sit through for the whole class time. Nalyne answered my many questions and reassured me that Sean would be doing fine in the class. She is right! Sean’s first class went so well. She is very good with kids and Sean loves going to the classes.

I really appreciate Nalyne’s knowledge and enthusiasm about art and her approaches of teaching kids becoming confident artists. I recommend Kids Love Art to any parents who wish to build a strong foundation for their kids in essential skills such as creativity, observation, attention to detail, visual perceptual skills, etc..

Ann D. (Parent)

Beyond Brush Art Studio has been a wonderful experience for my 5 year old. Nalyne Gunggavakin is educated in the Fine Arts (MFA Fine Arts Degree) and shares her enthusiasm with the children as well as adults who take her classes. Her warmth and patience really helped my son learn about colors, painting and different art mediums. The classes are geared toward the specific age groups and I felt the class that my son took, was the right pace and content for his age.

Nalyne Gunggavakin also offers classes for adults, too. Her studio has professional art supplies for sale and the studio itself is a light and airy space. Very inspiring! Kids Love Art is a welcome addition to Pleasanton!

Rose F.

Fortunately, I didn’t let the name of the school mislead me when I was searching for an adult art class for painting. After reading Nalyne Gunggavakin’s (the instructor/proprietor) philosophy, I decided to enroll.

Now, 14 weeks later, I have completed my first painting in nearly 15 years. Although I was trained as an illustrator, I have not worked as an artist for a very long time. I chose Nalyne’s course as a means to reignite my talents. Her class begins with the basics to understand value and color. Nalyne believes strongly that artists must understand the basics in order to develop their talent. She is knowledgeable and often references works of great artists from history. The course was not only instructional, it was rewarding. The course is hands on so be prepared to paint from the very start.

Susan H. (Parent)

My daughter has been taking private art lessons in the past 5 years. When We moved to Pleasanton two years ago we were not able to find an art instructor we like. When Beyond Brush Arts opened its business in September last year, we were so thrilled. The artist Nalyne is an excellent art teacher and she is so passionate about the program. The program offers a wide variety of art lessons- ceramic, drawing, painting, sketching, etc. The students and their family even get to go to San Francisco museums for free guided tours by Nalyne, which really inspired these little “artists” and enriched their learning experience. I found no other art program that can compare with Beyond Brush Arts. My daughter is thoroughly enjoying the program, and as a high schooler she is thinking about choosing art as her career, all because Nalyne has been so supportive of her. I highly recommend Beyond Brush Arts to all the talented high school students if they have a passion for art!

Mary J. (Parent)

My daughter loved to draw and I wanted to find an art school that was close to home. I found Kids Love Art by googling it. My daughter loves it! She has learned so many different art techniques from painting, charcoal sketch to ceramics. Nalyne Lunati also gives wonderful instruction through her own personal art experiences.

5 Stars for Beyond Brush Art Studio!