Zahra D.

I am a 10 year old student and have taken two semesters at Beyond Brush Studio. Miss Nalyne is a very nice teacher. She has helped me accomplish many things in art. I have learned many things in ceramics and acrylic painting ever since I have been taking these classes. My parents and I have seen lots of improvement in my painting.

The studio has everything someone needs to be able to accomplish things that you haven’t done before. We were also taught art history and we do things called master studies to learn artists techniques by painting one of their painting and learning from it. After that we do a second painting the way we want it using the same style and techniques. This is a great learning process. I love this class and I look forward to it every day. I will definitely continue to take more classes here and improve my art.

Richard and Bebe H. (Parents)

Our 13 (now 15) year old daughter has been taking classes with Nalyne for the past 3 years. The classes expose the students to all areas of art — sketching, painting, sculpture. Nalyne has a real talent for teaching the techniques while making the projects fun for the students. She integrates things about the great artists, instill an appreciation of different styles, and art history generally.

Her classes attract a great group of kids, both girls and boys. Also, several times a year, Nalyne has special activities, such as trips to special exhibits at the museums and parties for the kids and parents to present the projects. Lastly, she finds opportunities for the kids to exhibit their art, such as a recent exhibit at the San Ramon Library.

Our daughter is quite active in school and other activities; however, her classes at Beyond Brush are her favorite activity — and now have her thinking of majoring in art as well as ways to integrate her love of art skills into other school projects that she has. Nalyne has a love for what she is doing and a true gift for imparting both her skills and her love for art to her students.

Ting L.

As a high school student in AP Studio Art, I have be exposed to a wide variety of artists such as Monet, Kandinsky, Sean Scully, and many master painters. I have been studying with Nalyne Lunati since the school opened in September 2008. Mrs. Gunggavakin has taught me how to paint like master painters. She has also encouraged me to go outside my comfort zone and really become immersed in art. She has been an outstanding instructor. Nalyne Gunggavakin’s skills has been demonstrated by her excellent teaching methods. I highly regard Nalyne Gunggavakin for her vast knowledge and abilities in art and art history.

Alicia S. (Parent)

My 9 (now 13) year old daughter has attended classes at Beyond Brush Art Studio with Nalyne Gunggavakin for one and a half years now (since January 2009). Nalyne has so much energy and enthusiasm teaching the kids about art theory as well as working with various media (e.g., pencil, charcoal, pastels, watercolor, acrylics, ceramics). My daughter is receiving a very authentic and well rounded art education and most importantly she loves going to class each week.

Besides teaching the children, Nalyne also strives to create a friendly and collaborative community among the Beyond Brush Art families by hosting shows/receptions of the kids works in the studio, arranging guided trips to local art museums and arranging to have the kids’ art displayed publicly at library exhibits and the Plein Art event in Pleasanton. I appreciate Nalyne’s passion and drive to not only teach the kids but to inspire a lifelong love and appreciation of art.

Kelli W.

The workshop was wonderful and we learned many different genres of art! We were also exposed to many materials and enjoyed each class.

Jessica H.

I have been a student (and eventually an intern) of Nalyne Gunggavakin’s since the studio opened in 2008, and I have to say that she’s given me the most valuable and interesting learning experience out of all the other art teaching instruction I’ve ever received in the past 16 years of my life. Nalyne Gunggavakin has been hugely influential on the development of my art and my mindset about art. I credit my renewed interest in the arts and determination in creating art to Nalyne Gunggavakin, who has always encouraged me and taught me new things about art and the art world.

She cares about all her students and I really appreciate that she is tirelessly enthusiastic to teach us new techniques, expose us to other art forms and artists, etc. She goes above and beyond normal art teaching instruction, giving us powerpoints about art history, making sure that we are provided with the best art supplies, and taking us on museum trips for inspiration. I also appreciate how she exposes us to other types of art and media such as printmaking.

Nalyne Gunggavakin has made me a better artist not only technically but also inwardly. I now thoroughly enjoy art and Nalyne Gunggavakin has made me excited to learn more about it. As a high school student, I am thinking about what I want to do in my future, and having her as a mentor and instructor has definitely made me realize my passion in art and made me contemplate what I want to do for the rest of my life. I am very thankful for a knowledgeable and talented teacher like Nalyne Gunggavakin and that I can enter my future as a more well rounded artist.

Susan C.

We had wonderful experience in Beyond Brush Art Studio. My sons started in the ceramic summer class and continue with the painting and drawing class. Nalyne Gunggavakin guide them step by step to explore different concepts of modern arts and applied them into different projects. My sons are proud of every project they have completed. Besides classroom instructions, Nalyne Gunggavakin also organizes field trips to art museums and art shows which we have so much fun.