Trevor C.

My time spent with Nalyne at Beyond Brush Art Studio was a fundamental point in the beginning of my art career. I met Nalyne when I was in the 6th grade, she saw the hunger for art in me and took me under her wing. She taught me the foundations of art from the uses of acrylic paints and their properties to being able to analyze certain properties of paintings and their content. For being a student of hers for five years and her insight of the arts, she taught me the many expectations of art colleges and how to prepare for them. These range from the multiple analyzation papers that a school will require to the work load that projects will be placed on your shoulders.

I am now currently enrolled at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, one of the top five art colleges in the United States. As a freshman, although there are still challenges that are met while working on my projects, I have the foreknowledge of what these classes will expect out of me. Nalyne’s knowledge of the arts prepared me for the strenuous workloads and the proper techniques on how to deal with these projects. She is an artist that shares her ideals and knowledge to her students, and that is how I am enrolled in a fantastic college like the School of the Art Institute of Chicago to start an art career of my own.

Ryan C.

Nalyne is one of the most passionate and talented artists I have had the pleasure of working with. I have always treasured the time I spent as her student. Not only did I learn the fundamentals of art, but I also developed a love for culture and ideas that I had never been exposed to. From cubism to organic pigments, Nalyne explores a variety of artistic techniques and history that no other school does. This in-depth education led me to have a lifelong interest in fine arts and even influenced me to pursue a minor in cultural anthropology. Overall, Nalyne’s love for art makes her class a unique experience that cannot be matched. Her experience and creativity help motivate students to create the best artwork they can and more. If anyone wishes to have a full understanding of art and its importance in our world, there is no better teacher than Nalyne.

Brynne S.

I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend enrolling in classes at Beyond Brush Arts! Nalyne is an outstanding individual and an outstanding art instructor! I took classes with her ever since I was nine, and she’s greatly expanded my knowledge and talent in art. I took a sketching class in college (about a year ago) for my major in video game art and design and I was top of my class. I owe it all to Nalyne! I wouldn’t have gotten that far without her amazing guidance and care. She makes each class engaging and fun, and I always find myself learning more and more after every class. Seriously, if you’re looking for a good fine arts instructor, Nalyne is the best! Go take her classes! You won’t regret it!

Ryan C.

Nalyne Gunggavakin is a true artist, who uses her wealth of artistic knowledge to draw out the unique style that each student has. While other teacher may teach art as a minor hobby to be tested and then ignored, Ms. Gunggavakin treats art as a lifelong passion that can be nurtured into something special. When I first became her student at 11-years-old, I was expecting a place to just look at objects, sketch objects, and rinse and repeat. However, Ms. Gunggavakin immediately changed my perspective on Art, and showed me there was more to it then just repeating tasks over and over. I learned styles that I had never known before, from impressionism to cubism to action painting. As I continued to learn these styles, Ms. Gunggavakin encouraged me to develop my own unique voice in the artwork I created. By finding my voice as an artist, every piece of artwork become an interesting investigation into my own identity that create a visual art piece I could enjoy. Ms. Gunggavakin’s love for fine arts makes her a teacher who can identify a student’s talent, provide the education in technique and history to support the student, and encourage the independence of the student to become a real artist.

Shakir A. (Parent)

Our daughter has been taking this class for a year now and absolutely loves it. Not only have we seen a dramatic improvement in her painting, but her level of interest and appreciation of art has matured.

This is not just another art class. The curriculum is geared for learning and understanding art work, techniques, art history, and various art mediums.

This is a full fledged art studio and the training is provided by highly experienced and accomplished teacher who cares deeply about her students. She provides enough flexibility to the students so that they can make some choices along the way, yet stay on a well thought out curriculum.

The studio has well documented and fair policies so that the classes run smoothly and in a timely fashion. If you want your child to take the next step to formally understanding art, I would highly recommend this art studio.

Ingrid C. (Parent)

Nalyne Gunggavakin has an undergraduate BFA from UC Berkeley & MFA from San Jose State University. My son studied at Nalyne’s Beyond Brush Art School in Pleasanton, CA from 2012-2016.

It was the absolute best experience for my son. Nalyne Gunggavakin taught my son all the Masters’ techniques & Masters are Monet, Diebenkorn, Van Gogh, Georgia O’ Keefe, etc….Nalyne is very passionate about the Fine Arts & teaches her students at a very high standard, almost at a college level.

My son is going to art college in the fall, he has been admitted to School at Art Institute of Chicago, one of top 10 Art Colleges in the US & in the world & with full access to Art Institute of Chicago, ranked #3 museum in the world. My son is also admitted to 4 other art colleges, all highly ranked!!

We are very thankful to Nalyne for giving our son such a strong foundation in art. My son’s education in art all came from Nalyne. He took art classes in school also, but they were juvenile compared to Beyond Brush. Nalyne Gunggavakin has helped my son to become the artist he is today and to be admitted to the art college of his first choice.

Huizhe Lucy Z.

Nalyne organized a paint team building event for our offsite that explored the intersection of technology and art. Her instructions to painting were simple and effective that members who have never painted before were able to do a great job. She provided us the best art supplies. The resulting art work is quite phenomenon. She also did a great job installing the art work in our office building. Overall she created a very thoughtful meaningful project for our team, and executed the activity with great expertise and care. I highly recommend booking an event with her.

Dr. Scott and Deborah M. (Parents)

My daughter (age 11) has been taking weekly art training at Beyond Brush for almost a year. She absolutely loves it! The instructor has a wonderful way of relating to the kids. The classes are organized and sequential, allowing students to build on skills each week. When my daughter brought home her first finished piece it was so great I had to frame it and it hangs in our kitchen.

These classes are perfect for children who want to learn art techniques like a professional, but at the level of a child/teen. The instructor does a great job of explaining the lesson and then letting the kids work independently for a bit. I have never heard her say anything but positive things to her students and she ALWAYS emphasizes that it’s not the end result, but the process that’s important in art training.

I highly recommend this studio for children who want to learn art training – not just do arts & crafts. The instruction is professional and your child will most definitely improve!